Dj irene phonosynthesis album

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dj irene phonosynthesis album

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Dj, irene, phonosynthesis - m Music

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dj irene phonosynthesis album

dj, irene, phonosynthesis (Continuous

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While currently holding one of the longest running residencies on the la club circuit with her nine-year gig at Circus Disco, irene can also be seen weekly at the Arena as well as Robbies. Irene began spinning in 1984 while attending college for commercial photography. It was when she met photo partner, henry de lapena that everything changed. Henry was able to guide Irene into a hobby that would soon become a career. Throughout the years, Irene would practice for hours, spin at local parties, spend countless weekends at clubs watching and listening to her favorite djs. Guests, chat, some UserSample Msg, advertisement, next: Upgrade now for ad free listening and unlimited song skips. Advertisement, next: Upgrade now for ad free listening and unlimited song skips.

Phonosynthesis dj irene cdtrrracks

dj irene phonosynthesis album

Dj irene - phonosynthesis - 05 - jfk - - whiplash (Bad Habit boys Mix)

Cookie dough Dynamo - richard. 24 Blazzin' - two Phunk d-lux 25 i believe - enamore 26 Longtime - static revenger 27 In The beginning (Ferry corsten Remix) - rodger goode 28 Urban Train featuring Kirsty hawkshaw (Cosmic Gate remix) - dj tiesto This album was submitted on may 4th. Album details Released : discs : 1 Genre : - record label : Surge recordings Rank : charts : view all » Referring urls : view all » Albums you may also like same artist popular on lsi new on lsi show all dj irene. 4 2012 j nyce / 5 added 1 day, 3 hours ago The Truth About The ny citizens 1995 The ny citizens / 5 added 1 day, 4 hours ago show more new albums Contributors leaderboard activity comments Facebook (0) LetsSingIt (0). #SongDuration 1, you wanna suck Intro 1:01 2, acid Eaterz 1:21 3, chainsaw the Crow Remix 2:04 4, back to earth Hardcore Club Remix 1:38 5, whiplash Bad Habit boys Mix 1:48 6, the Freight Train 3:22.

The Chopper 2:14 8, what Time Is It? 2:08 9, o (Overdrive) Original Mix 3:37 10, exploration of Space 1:40 11, infected Original Mix 1:28 12, temple of Dreams Dirt devil Remix 4:21 13, wobble 1:04. Dark Shape 1:44 15, blue mystique 3:07 16, street Light Special :55 17, special 2:39 18 Shake it Up 2:23 19 Shea niek. Shea niek remix 2:26 20 everybody 1:16 21 Disco Shift 1:40 22 Waste my time 2:31 23 cookie dough Dynamo /cookie dough Dynamo. Spank the pussy remix/coo 1:26 24 Blazzin' 2:00 25 i believe 2:24 26 Longtime 2:54 27 In the beginning Ferry corsten Remix 6:43 28 Urban Train Cosmic Gate remix 1:51 29 Resurrection Space Club Mix 5:40 Share your thoughts about the Phonosynthesis album with the. Don't keep it to yourself! For more than a decade now, dj irene has played a part on the la club scene starting and sporting spinning trends as well as making name malade for herself.

George centeno irene gutierrez, dJ Irene feat: george centeno 3, chainsaw, claudio macalvo, dJ Irene feat: dj shredda. Back to earth, dJ Irene feat: Cosmic Gate 5, whiplash, harry love, dJ Irene feat: jfk. The Freight Train, george centeno, dJ Irene feat: Metal Zone 7, the Chopper. George centeno, dJ Irene feat: The hoodlums 8, what Time Is It? Dj irene feat: Terminalhead 9 O (Overdrive) Frank zenker dj irene feat: dj scot Project 10 Exploration of Space Stefan Bossems / Claus Ter hoeven / André wevers dj irene feat: Cosmic Gate 11 Infected Bart Claessen dj irene feat: Barthezz 12 Temple of Dreams.

17 Special dj irene feat: george centeno 18 Shake it Up pierre j dj irene feat: Night Flight 19 Shea niek sebestian "Ken Russel" beaujoin / Jalal Olivier dj irene feat: kiko 20 everybody bad boy bill /. Flores / Alex peace dj irene feat: Bad boy bill / Alex peace 21 Disco Shift george centeno dj irene 22 Waste my time george centeno / Omar Santana dj irene feat: george centeno / Omar Santana 23 cookie dough Dynamo /cookie dough Dynamo. Richard f dj irene feat: Richard F 24 Blazzin' george centeno dj irene 25 i believe dj irene feat: Enamor 26 Longtime dj irene feat: Static revenger 27 In the beginning Roger goode dj irene feat: Roger goode 28 Urban Train Tom Greenwood / Kirsty. Moderator / 5 (0) Share, dJ Irene, tracklist. You wanna s*ck - intro 02 acid eaterz - dj irene george centeno 03, chainsaw (The Crow Remix) - dj shredda 04, back to earth (Hardcore Club Remix) - cosmic Gate 05, whiplash (Bad Habit boys Mix) - jfk 06, the Freight Train - metal. O (Overdrive) (Original Mix) - dj scot Project 10, exploration of Space - cosmic Gate 11, infected (Original Mix) - barthezz 12, temple Of Dreams (Dirt devil Remix) - the future Breeze 13, wobble - aphrodite 14, dark Shape - omar Santana 15, blue mystique. Street Light Special - dj irene darren. 17, special - dj irene george centeno 18, shake it Up - night Flight 19, shea niek (M. Shea neik remix) - kiko jacques Edouards 20, everybody - bad boy bill featuring Alex peace 21, disco Sh*t - two Phunk d-lux 22, waste my time - george centeno omar Santana.

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The latter half of the cd, beginning with Irene's own "Street Light Special" incorporates bits of disco i believe" by Enamore) and even classic rock longtime by Static revenger) to number great effect. It's a ton of fun to listen to, and makes the cd worth buying for the last dozen tracks alone. My personal favorite is Roger goode's "In the beginning remixed by ferry e short of it: This is a very fast-paced, solid mix that moves quickly and seamlessly from song to song. It's got a lot of variety and never gets stuck in the "typical" house or trance mode. It makes you want to dance, and it shows off Irene's talent and unique style.". AllMusic Rating 6, user Ratings (0 your Rating, track listing. Sample title/Composer Performer 1, you wanna suck Intro, dJ Irene 2, acid Eaterz.

dj irene phonosynthesis album

But on "Fearless" she kept the house/disco interesting, it never felt like it was dragging. This cd dissapointed me, and synthesis I cannot recommend. Solid house mix,. Burney, aurora, co usa 06/14/2002 (4 out of 5 stars) "The long of it: When I first listened to this cd, i was a little disappointed, but it's grown. Irene puts together a very fast-paced mix here that is anything but dull or monotonous. The tunes move from one to the other relatively seamlessly, the only exception being between tracks 15 and 16, where the cd's tempo and style change dramatically (for the better, in my opinion). The first half of the cd is very fast paced, starting off with a stream of obscenities in the "you wanna suck" intro, then moving into the very high energy "Acid Eaterz" and then "Chainsaw.".

trance, hard house, disco, and whatever else fits her fancy at the moment. She never lingers too long, so you don't have to worry if a selection isn't quite your thing. I've enjoyed her live several times and absolutely love her "Fearless" album. That said, i don't really like this. It seems like there are enough popular songs so you'll think it will be easy to enjoy (eg: tiesto, ppk, cosmic Gate but it never quite gels together in the same way her previous mixes have. Not only are there some pacing issues, but there's too many songs where i felt like hitting the skip button. Part of that for me is the increase in the amount of house on this cd, as I prefer a trancier sound.

Rush out and buy this one. 06/14/2002 (4 out of 5 stars) "Phonosynthesis is study a great cd, and it is a suprise that it isn't selling as well as Digweed's not so great mmii. I would give this cd 5 stars, but since i am not a drum and bass fan, i don't care for the few songs of that genre mixed in throughout the cd, but nonetheless this cd is worth the money. If you are new to dance music and are considering dj irene, i would rush out and get this or Global house diva 2: live in Ibiza. These two are eclectic and will spend a long time in your cd player at home or in the car.". Amcatala, orange county, ca (4 out of 5 stars) "Irene is madd crazy, in the best way possible. "Phonosynthesis" is one of my all-time favorite albums, and I don't even like house one bit. She is typically placed in the category of being a "hard house" dj, however this album has everything on it, house, jungle, hard house, trance, e list goes on and.

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What is this girl on? 11/20/2002 (5 out of 5 stars) "She is crazy! I saw her out here a few months ago. She had everyone going all night long. I had never bought a dj irene cd water before, so after the show I went ahead and got "Phonosynthesis". It's definetely a one of a kind mix going from Hard house, filtered house, to Trance, progressive and even Drum bass. She had me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole mix! If you want a mixed cd full of energy like no other, this is it!".

Dj irene phonosynthesis album
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For more than a decade now, dj irene has played a part on the la club scene starting and sporting spinning trends as well as making name for herself. The topic of this article may not meet.

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  1. While you and the rest of your cool friends pray at the altars of DJs such as oakenfold, digweed and maas, djs like. Irene are ruling the masses of America. Tracklist with lyrics of the album phonosynthesis 2002 from, dJ Irene : you wanna sck - intro - acid eaterz, dJ Irene george centeno - chainsaw (The. All the great songs and lyrics from the phonosynthesis album ont he web s largest and most authoritative lyrics resource.

  2. All you have to do is post 10 cds you want to get rid. Visit the site to find a huge selection of music! Dj Irene, phonosynthesis, review. You think you know, but you have no idea.

  3. Never subtle, dj irene gets down to business immediately. Phonosynthesis, her 2002 mix for Surge recordings. Since her business is hard and wild dance music, you nearly feel whiplash when the hardcore-like percussion begins hammering on Acid Eaterz, the second of 29 tracks featured in the mix. Get your own copy of this album. If you re not yet a member, your first 2 cds and membership are free!

  4. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for. Phonosynthesis, dJ Irene on, allMusic never subtle, dj irene gets down to business. Dj irene, phonosynthesis (you wanna suck (Intro acid Eaterz and more). Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online.

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